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kiaVMAN is the main developer of V-Control, a free, GPLv3 licensed control software.  It is a versatile software suitable for show control, home and building automation and control room applications. V-Control is a multi platform software and available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.  We offer a variety of products and services for V-Control users such as training, professional on site support, interfaces and machines. As V-Control developers we know best every single aspect of this software.

V-Player are our easy to administrate full HD video players. V-Players can run synchronized in Master – Slave mode. Synchronization and administration is done via network. V-Players are Linux based PC’s and are available with standard (office) hardware and as industrial strength PC’s for 24/7 permanent operation.

V-PlayerManagerWith V-Player Manager we have an easy to use management tool to manage even a big number of players. The management tool is typically installed on a separate machine and is only needed during setup or maintenance. Once all players are configured with their desired role (Master, Slave or No Role) and the content is transmitted and set in the playlist, the players run without the Manager Software.

Find more V-Player infos here. Please let us know if you need some Players for testing and evaluation.


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