Power Switching Interfaces

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    Switch Box 240V

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    Switch 230V-devices via external voltage (3-30 V). Could also be switched via commport (RTS / DTR pins). The SwitchBox switches on with a DC of 3V … 30V at its input. To switch the box via commport it uses DTR and RTS level changing. There is no RS232 protocol, just set the pins to high, thats …

  • ALLNET ALL4076

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    ALLNET ALL4076 / IP Highlights: Enable the switching up to six consumers (up to 10A) via the integrated webserver 10/100 Mbit RJ45-Network connection Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n up to 150 Mbps German socket For 200 – 250 VAC Time programmable or manual switch Optional: Detection of temperature / humidity, Plugwise Integration Using the ALL4076 IP socket, …