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XYZ Printing da Vinci 1.0 Pro review

Because I was unsatisfied with my X-Bot 3D printer, I was looking for a new model.  A computer magazine that I trust tested the Dremel Idea Builder ,and they wrote that this machine has one of the best print quality they ever saw in this price range. So I was about to buy this machine. Searching the internet for a dealer with a good price I became aware of the da Vinci Pro. Before da Vinci Pro, I never thought about buying an XYZ printer because they could only print the expensive XYZ  filament. But this changes with this machine. So I was torn between the da Vinci Pro and the Dremel Idea Builder. Well, finally I made the decision for the da Vinci Pro because of it’s lower price (700 EUR vs 1000 EUR).

For this review, I skip the “unpacking” part. In my opinion those “unpacking” reports are not very useful, and my printer was delivered with two pages of instructions how to unpack the da Vinci Pro and remove all the securing parts.

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