V-IO Universal Interface

V-IO is an Arduino based universal interface for computers or stand alone operation. It can direct connect to an USB port and is powered from that. As Arduino, V-IO is open source. All construction information is downloadable and free to use.

Open Source IDE

The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create the V-IO firmware and many example programs and tutorials are available at www.arduino.cc.


Two RS232 Interfaces

A second RS232 interface with true ±12V levels is integrated using SoftSerial (up to 115200 Baud, Port 7 and 8, Tx and Rx to Srew Terminal). V-IO can work stand alone as well. For that, it can be switched between USB and RS232 mode. In RS232 Mode, the USB interface is not available, but V-IO can communicate with other devices via RS232 with ±12V levels. An external power supply is needed in that case.

With and without Relays

We have designed two Types of V-IO shields, one with 6 relays, and one without using the free pins as extra I/O. We also offer PCB’s, Kits and fully assembled interfaces in our shop.